Сyber Russia

The Digital Talents project is a software product, i.e. a textbook that teaches programming to children and adults while playing.

Italy, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Cuba, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, China, Poland

The project is aimed at development of the digital economy competencies in the younger generation. The main objective is to teach programming by solving algorithmic problem in a simulated experience.

During the work, the participants will be offered a series of teaching units covering the problems related to algorithm-building, Boolean expressions and cycles. The study of these problems will be hidden from the user by the gaming experience. The gaming experience involves solution of a logical puzzle where the user has to solve the problem by making a list of ready-to-use instructions. The levels are arranged in such a manner so that the user has to solve simple problems first and then gradually move forward to complex algorithmic problems. The levels are divided into chapters offering to solve the dedicated problems. The app includes labyrinths where the problems are generated in a random fashion so that the participants cannot cheat.


- skill training and control are customised to the students depending on their behaviour;

- some problems are generated with the use of special algorithms to prevent cheating;

- if the assistant is unable to answer the student’s question, the expert community of teachers will step in.

Requirements to students:

- aged 11+

- no programming skills required

Technical requirements:

- PC with Windows, Mac OS or tablets with IOS, iPad OS, Android

- Access to the Internet

During the course the students will:

- elaborate approaches to solution of algorithmic problems;

- obtain programming skills;

- study the syntax and semantics of С#;

- obtain basic programming skills;

- be carried away by the software writing process;