Digital world nearby: passing the best educational online programmes from the best IT companies for free

Rossotrudnichestvo in concert with the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation launched new motivational educational online programmes on the relevant topics of the digital economy. The courses were put in place for the nationals of Vietnam, Ireland, France, Indonesia and India, and for Russian compatriots residing these and other countries.

Образовательные программы рассчитаны на повышение профессионального уровня цифровых компетенций в рамках уже имеющейся квалификации. Курсы проводятся бесплатно с использованием дистанционных технологий, и по итогам обучения каждому выпускнику выдается сертификат о прохождении программы. 

Educational programmes are intended to enhance the professional level of digital competencies in the qualifications that are already available. The courses are free, are offered using distance learning technology, and after the training each graduate is awarded the relevant completion certificate. 

Overall, the courses offer 10 online programmes from Russian IT companies: Biotech: AI in Medicine, New Digital Reality: Will Digital Twins Change Our Life?, Cloud Technologies for the Digital Economy Challenges, Evolution of Technology and the People, Digital Data, Digital Technology: What Helps Us Shape the Future?, Cybersecurity: What Do We Need to Know about the New Protection?, Secure Contract: Blockchain Programming and Smart Contracts, Digital Economy: How the Technology Change the Market, and Revolution in Finance: Crypto Economy and Blockchain Technology. The courses investigate the operational theory of each of the IT programmes and view sample projects that feature the technologies. The courses will inform how and where to use the new technology, what tasks does IT solve, and how the new digital reality has emerged. 

The courses are authored by developers from companies of the Russian information technology market: CROC, Tinkoff, Sberbank, Yandex.Cloud, Z-UNION, Semantic Hub, Sensorium Galaxy, and others. 

To sign up for the online programmes, visit the multilingual website that supports three languages – Russian, English, and French:

The mission of Rossotrudnichestvo is to secure Russian geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies as well as to build strong relations and cooperation worldwide at the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability. The events are held as part of the federal project Human Resources for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.