Moscow City Teachers’ Training University and Rossotrudnichestvo implement an advanced training programme in Belarus

On 24-25 October 2019 the Moscow City Teachers’ Training University will run an advanced training programme called “Educational Techniques for Improvement of Digital Literacy Skills of the XXI Century in School Students” with the support from Rossotrudnichestvo.

Today, the world is on the brink of post-industrial society, and the main factor of intensive development of the country and its economy are contemporary professionals who are characterised by digital literacy, extensive convergent knowledge, creativity and involvement. Future professionals capable of developing the society and creating innovative products should be trained with the use of innovative methods and technologies subject to both individual peculiarities and capabilities of the students and the general trends in changing the way of thinking and perception.

The Moscow City Teachers’ Training University has developed a special modular programme for advanced training of teachers that takes into account both the social and psychological peculiarities of the modern school students and the challenges and trends of the pedagogical science and innovation theory. The programme consists of a mandatory intramural module Techniques for XXI Century Skill Building in Students (Overview of the Best Teaching Practices) (16 hours) and 10 optional e-learning modules::

  • Developing Critical Thinking in School Students Under Digital Education Conditions,
  • Conditions and Techniques for Creativity Development,
  • Building Life Skills Under Conditions of Uncertainty in Students of Educational Institutions
  • Effective Communication and Productive Cooperation Techniques,
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence in Students,
  • Big Data Basics,
  • Media Literacy of Students,
  • Information Security in Digital Environment,
  • Development of Social and Educational Self-Management and Educational Autonomy Skills in Children,
  • Development of Cognitive Skills in Students (Technologies and Tools).

Training days:

24 – 25 October 2019 – intramural module at the Minsk Regional Institute of Education Development State Educational Institute.

14 October – 05 December 2019 – e-learning under optional modules (from 2 to 10 options to be selected by the participant and based on the recommendations of individual consultants).

Studies are free-of-charge. You can sign up electronically. To sign up as a group representing an educational institution, the completed application form should be sent to [email protected] before 25 September 2019.

Contact person (administrative matters):

Svetlana Vladimirovna Smirnova, Director of the Educational Programmes and Projects Promotion Centre E-mail: [email protected],

Galina Sergoevna Stankevich, Specialist of the Educational Programmes and Projects Promotion Centre E-mail: [email protected]

Studies are free-of-charge. All participants will receive certificates of advanced training after completion of the courses. Format: intramural and extramural.