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The educational portal for school leavers of certain CIS and far abroad countries will be launched in 2020.

All over the world
All over the world
STUDY IN RUSSIA! Knowledge Cloud

Project goals: strengthening the prestige of Russian digital education, attracting foreigners to study at Russian universities and to subsequently work in Russia in a wide range of professions.

Major sections of the portal:

  1. Information resource, where all the necessary information about the learning process in Russian universities for international students is collected, such as courses, description of the filing and admission procedure, costs, regulations and requirements for the final attestation.
  2. The Knowledge Cloud educational platform containing online educational courses for international applicants to prepare themselves to the final attestation, including in specialised subjects.

Knowledge Cloud is an online platform that will help incorporate digital educational resources into your classroom activities. The digital content is diverse and comes in a variety of formats, including interactive presentations, virtual laboratory research projects, state exam simulators, activities for self-guided learning.   

Users will have access to digital content for grades 9 to 11 in all school subjects, including materials for state exams and the Russian as a Foreign Language course.

The Knowledge Cloud helps teachers create individual learning paths for students by assigning both theoretical material and various interactive activities (tests, self-guided learning and laboratory work) to students. In turn, students can also control their learning paths depending on their individual needs, interests and level of knowledge, and do the activities at their own pace.

All information is saved to the Cloud, which means that students can study when and where they want to and switch between their devices at school and at home.