Russian scientists community


The Internet portal for the community of Russian scientists working abroad. The project is intended to raise the efficiency of international cooperation in science, show the best practices and master classes for school and university students in the areas of digital economy, and win over talented and young foreign nationals to study and get employed in Russia.

All over the world
All over the world

Russian scientists who have worked abroad at least 6 months will be able to sign up at the digital platform already this year. The multifunctional web portal with diverse interactive communication and data exchange services will include extensive content libraries: texts, graphics, videos, and photos. 

The web portal will comprise of special "modules," each of them handling its assigned functionality.  

  1. Publications. Users will be able to upload any material via their account, evaluate and discuss it with other users.
  2. Partner Search. The search module will enable to find a potential scientific partner to implement a research project or an outreach campaign. 
  3. Study in Russia. The web portal will give the rating of universities and curricula of universities and scientific centres. 
  4. Get Employed in Russia. The module will present data on job openings in scientific and educational community at universities, scientific organisations and public authorities of the Russian Federation. 
  5. Grants and Scholarships. The web portal will offer up-to-date information on the grant support from Russian foundations and entities, description of contest participation terms and conditions, and requirements to execution of a bid. 
  6. Interactive Communication. Registered scientists will be able to form groups to interact on the areas of their research interests. 
  7. Science News. A module of news in the sections of science, theme groups, conferences, academic events held in Russia, and achievements of contemporary national science.