Study in Russia!

The new online course will help foreign prospective students get admitted into Russian universities

Study in Russia educational online service gets rolling in autumn 2020 to help foreign prospective students prepare for entrance exams into Russian universities.

The project is being implemented by the Federal Agency for Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Residing Abroad and International Humanitarian Co-Operation (Rossotrudnichestvo), as part of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation nationwide programme.

“The Study in Russia educational online service will help the youth to get better training for admission exams to Russian universities. Later on, we expect that having received higher education the graduates of Russian universities will become highly demanded professionals in many fields of economies in their nations”,  commented Pavel Shevtsov, Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

The service users get access to online courses in the fundamental school subjects, including vital materials to get prepared for the CSE and USE and compliant with the Russian educational standards. The Russian as a Foreign Language course will enhance the proficiency of foreign prospective students in Russian. 

Each course on the service comprises a huge amount of diverse digital tasks to make the preparation for exams cheerful and enticing: interactive presentations, virtual laboratory projects, simulators to get prepared for the USE.

Teachers and coordinators will be the qualified professionals to guide the project participants all the way through the training. The users can count on the feedback from the teacher and extra assignments, subject to the individual needs, interests and level of proficiency.