Rossotrudnichestvo to Launch a Service for Foreigners to be Admitted to Russian Universities

In late 2021, Rossotrudnichestvo will launch its service Education for Foreigners in Russia, which will drastically facilitate admission of foreign nationals in Russian universities. The service will be accessible at the Gosuslugi web portal.

Based on the target model, the super service will help accelerate and facilitate addressing the challenges an applicant is facing, by common access to the services (both during execution of documents and arrival in Russia, and during stay). 

Within a year from its launch, it is expected to attract at least 1 million users (foreign school students, applicants, their parents, graduates, employees of federal and regional executive authorities, for-profit and non-profit organisations). By 2024, the Super Service users are expected to reach at least 3 million. 

“Rossotrudnichestvo has a project advocated at the Ministry of Finance and the government. The so-called creation of a super service via Gosuslugi, which will enable foreign students to freely apply and get admitted [in universities] in the simplified format. It will be possible to pass the exam and be interviewed right away,”  says Mikhail Popov, Director of the Scientific and Educational Projects Management Department at Rossotrudnichestvo.

Nowadays, foreign nationals and compatriots residing abroad may be admitted under a government quota to more than 450 state-run universities of Russia. Admission for post-graduate studies is also part of the quota. Altogether, 33,000 applications were submitted this year to claim 3,899 places for former Soviet member nations, including 3,500 places for CIS states, which totals 33% of all the study applications. Rossotrudnichestvo is now pushing for increase of the quota.

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Main effects from adoption of the Super Service: 

  • Reducing the number of required trips for applicants to a Russian centre of science and culture or embassy of the Russian Federation.
  • Enhancing the transparency of competitive admission, by publishing the admission results in all stages and the capability to appeal electronically.
  • Harmonising admission campaign timing for foreign applicants and the main admission campaign of educational institutions, plus better implementation standards and quality of inter-departmental interaction in the engagement of foreign students.
  • Decreasing the number of complaints, lawsuits related to deficiencies of career guidance and informing the candidates about specific features of training under the selected programmes at educational institutions.
  • Upgrading the level of comfortable stay in the Russian Federation, while studying.