Rossotrudnichestvo Launches a Virtual Exhibition of Best Educational Projects as Part of Digitalisation

Rossotrudnichestvo has launched a virtual exhibition of the best educational programmes as part of the Human Resources for the Digital Economy federal project. The primary goal of the exhibition is to proliferate and introduce the best practices from existing projects in the education for school students.

The practices were selected from among all Rossotrudnichestvo projects related to campaigns of digital literacy development among school students in Russian schools abroad. The projects were held as part of the Human Resources for Digital Economy federal project in line with the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme.

Thirteen best projects, recognised eligible by the expert board, were selected among more than forty projects submitted for review. The evaluated factors included such features as project performance and effectiveness, potential for steady development of results, and so on. The practices are presented as displays in a virtual exhibition. Each display is a project roadmap clearly identifying the project phases and its implementation results.

By clicking a display, you can read the details and watch photos, and find out how to use the practical results. For instance, where to watch a series of webinars, how to complete advanced training, and learn the ABC of digital literacy with Kikoriki.

The virtual exhibition at, wil be useful for school students and parents, as well as teachers and administration staff of Russian schools abroad.

The virtual exhibition of practices was organised and developed by IT Agency OS3 Ltd. as part of the Human Resources for the Digital Economy federal project implemented by the Federal Agency of the Russian Federation for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation.