PFUR to run the Baltic Sea Digital Event International Business Hackathon

In November 2019, the Baltic Sea Digital Event business hackathon for development of promising solutions for the leading digital economy sectors will be held at the University of Latvia (Riga) under the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation National Programme.

Hackathon partners

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia),
  • IBS (Russia),
  • Qube (Sweden),
  • CANEA (Sweden),
  • Stockholm School of Economics,
  • Russian E-Money Association

The event is arranged by the Federal Agency for Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Residing Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo).

The following basic digital technologies will be used by the hackathon participants to develop their solutions:

  • distributed ledger systems, big data,
  • new production technologies (including financial technologies),
  • wireless communication technologies, Industrial Internet of Things,
  • virtual and augmented reality reality technologies.

All projects will be evaluated by the expert jury which will select the winners in the following categories:

  • absolute champion, best application (no sector),
  • best socially significant solution (sectors: Government and Society, Education and Human Resources),
  • most creative solution (no sector)
  • , best gaming solution, including Gamification (no sector),
  • best mobile app (sectors: Cyber Security, Finances and Trade),
  • best educational idea (sectors: Education and Human Resources, Finances and Trade).

The following industry experts will deliver their speeches at the Baltic Sea Digital Event.

The winners of Baltic Sea Digital Event will be offered short-term training at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and work placement at one of the leading Russian IT companies with full compensation of costs.

Baltic Sea Digital Event will be run in two stages:

  • online qualification stage – 1-14 November 2019;
  • intramural stage – 15-16 November 2019 (Riga).

You can sign up for the Baltic Sea Digital Event on: