More than 2,000 persons completed online studies in engineering disciplines

More than 2,000 school students and teachers across the globe completed the Young Engineer Course, prepared with the grant support programme from Rossotrudnichestvo in 2019. The course participants learned from scratch how to create 3D models of objects, electric circuits, got to know programming and composite materials, while staying at home.

Образовательная программа состоит из трех взаимосвязанных модулей инженерной специальности: робототехника, 3D-моделирование и цифровое материаловедение. Специального оборудования для прохождения курса не требуется: занятия полностью адаптированы под онлайн-обучение — работа ведется в программах-симуляторах; уроки содержат видео, конспекты, дополнительные материалы и тесты.

The educational programme consists of three inter-related engineering modules: robotics, 3D modelling, and digital material engineering. Passing the course requires no special equipment: the classes are fully adapted for online learning — the work is done in simulator programmes; the lessons contain videos, lecture notes, extra materials and tests.

“The course comprises 16 practice sessions, which enticingly and in detail investigate the theory, as well as practical works in various engineering software and even at the virtual laboratory (VR). At the online course the children are able to touch the real work of an engineer yet when studying at school and determine the choice of their promising and high-demand further path,” commented Margarita Stoyanova, Director of the Inginirium Bauman MSTU.

The Teacher’s Module has been developed specially for teachers. It includes an overview of engineering lines of studies, recommendations on arranging and outfitting of space for taking of proprietary courses, instructional guidelines and features of classes at engineering clubs.

Online course remains free and open for joining of anyone willing to, at any suitable time. At the end of studies, each participant will be awarded a course completion certificate from the Bauman MSTU.

The Young Engineer Course for students and teachers of Russian schools abroad was developed by Bauman MSTU S&EC (Inginirium Bauman MSTU) with support from the grant programme of Rossotrudnichestvo, as part of the Human Resources for the Digital Economy federal project within the scope of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation nationwide programme.

The mission of Rossotrudnichestvo is to secure Russian geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies as well as to build strong relations and cooperation worldwide at the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability. The events are held as part of the federal project Human Resources for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.