Brussels, Milan, Paris: find out other New Year’s quest venues of the Inginirium Bauman MSTU technopark

The quest participants managed to improvise a New Year’s toy using a 3D pen and construct a sparkling New Year’s tree.

In January, the Inginirium Bauman MSTU children’s technopark held the Engineering X-Tree 2.0 New Year’s quest. Junior students from foreign schools attended the event.

The quests were conducted on 11 – 20 January. They were arranged at schools and Russian science and culture centres in Milan, Paris, Bucharest, Sofia, Brussels and Belgrade in concert with Rossotrudnichestvo federal agency.

“The Inginirium Bauman MSTU once again proves its flagship status among the children’s technoparks of Moscow, — maintains Alexey Fursin, Head of the Department for Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development Department. — The children here are taught under proprietary innovative methods that go beyond the school education, and these practices are transferred abroad. More than 40 countries have learned about children’s technoparks due to the Young Engineer Course online programme, and in the New Year’s holidays several hundreds of children managed to personally partake in its events. We are really proud of the children’s technoparks and confident the experience of Moscow is adapted by the regions and abroad.”

During the quest the children took part in two master classes. The school students managed to fabricate a New Year’s toy using a 3D pen and construct a sparkling New Year’s tree at a circuitry workshop: the children were familiarised with working principles of electric signals and learned how to work with printed circuits. While playing, the children also managed to learn the capabilities of mobile apps and touch the world of augmented reality to help the Father Frost (Ded Moroz) find his way out to the planet Earth and ignite the lights on the festive tree.

Since the technopark teachers have fluent English, not only Russian-speaking students were able to attend the Engineering X-Tree 2.0 quest. Moreover, an interpreter was foreseen during the quest.

“The departing year has turned over a new leaf in the history of children’s technoparks, specifically at the Inginirium Bauman MSTU. We have set out to translate the experience in development of children’s technoparks abroad, and already perceive the early triumphs, — says Margarita Stoyanova, Director of the Inginirium Bauman MSTU. — In November, we launched the online young engineer’s course for all those willing to participate. Hundreds of children from various locations globally, including the majority of CIS states and European nations, as well as Japan, Cambodia, the PRC, Australia, Algeria, Angola, the Philippines and others, have already joined it.”

In November, the Inginirium Bauman MSTU held New Digital Technologies at School exhibitions in Bratislava and Budapest. The technopark teachers arranged a series of sessions dedicated to virtual reality, digital material engineering and 3D modelling.