TSU held general education digitisation sessions in Kyrgyzstan

TSU employees held intramural events for improvement of digital literacy for 104 teachers and 300 school students in Kyrgyzstan with the support from the Edinstvo Public Fund.

After the strategic session, teachers connected to the online Moodle platform to take courses using a PC software. 17 digital products and projects were developed in the course of the workshops for school students and will be implemented by the end of this year.

In the course of the strategic session for teachers and administrators of educational institutions the university’s specialists presented the advanced training programme called “Digital Transformation of School: Strategy, Network Projects and New Competencies” under which the teams of teachers will develop management projects for digital transformation of the institution. The participants of the sessions dived into the global digitisation context, discussed the goals of the school in the new world and set the professional goals for development of transformation projects.

– We received constructive feedback from the participants regarding the regional peculiarities of Kyrgyzstan, comments the coordinator of the advanced training programme of the Institute of Innovations in Education REC, Tatyana Klimova, as requested by the participants, the programme will be amended to include a more detailed review of the effective digital tools and project-based work with school students.

My Digital Educational Project workshops were held for 300 school students in Bishkek A mixed work was organised for children and 34 teachers: real-life communication and in the digital environment. The school students learned about the work in the digital space, participated in the interactive polls and tried different roles in project teams.

There was a separate immersion for supervisors who learned about the Moodle system for online education and the Exterium platform. The latter will be used to host educational courses for school students in the fundamentals of project-based work and development of digital products, as well as internship for supervisors.

Supervisors also learned about the specifics of support of project-based work for children and elaborated and discussed the project ideas for My Digital Product together with the school students. 17 projects were presented in the fields of history and regional studies of Kyrgyzstan, ecology, healthy diet, machines, mathematics and language proficiency of school students. The best projects will be demonstrated at the international Online Festival of Children’s Digital Products and Projects in December 2019 г.

Background. The project named “Improvement of Digital Literacy of School Students and Preparation of Teacher Teams for the Digital Transformation of Education” is being implemented with the support from Rossotrudnichestvo. Rossotrudnichestvo implements efforts aimed at promotion of geopolitical interests of Russia in the spheres of culture, education and new technologies, as well as strengthening of international ties without prejudice to the principles of operational excellence, effectiveness and sustainable development under the Human Resources for the Digital Economy Federal Project of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation National Programme.