Digital Age Online Competition

Общероссийская общественная организация «За качественное образование»

Digital Age Online Competition for students of Russian schools abroad

Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Belarus, Azerbaijan
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The contestants will be awarded personal letters of recognition, and the winners will get gift certificates for educational courses at the Foxford Online School and participate in the giveaway of robotic sets by Amperka..

Students of Russian schools from 13 foreign countries will be able to participate in online competitions under this project. The Digital Age Online Competition is a large-scale initiative aimed not only at the search of gifted children, but also at consolidation and strengthening of the status of the Russian language as the language of international communication. The participants will solve compelling tasks in the field of digital economy which will give them the required motivation for further study and help them choose their own path of development.

The competition will be held in four disciplines: mathematics, computer science, physics and robotics. The tasks in mathematics and computer science are designed for grade 3-11 students, the tasks in physics are for grade 7-11 students. Robotics is a separate section designed for grade 8-11 students.