Rossotrudnichestvo Prepares Remote Learning Solutions for Schools Abroad

On 24 March, education and digital transformation experts will relate at the Mobile School platform how to introduce remote working at schools and competently align all the organisational processes. The online resource is mainly intended for schools and teachers functioning in the CIS.

The conference will be interesting to teachers, school headmasters, executives of educational authorities. The organisers have prepared two parallel tracks for each target audience. The first track deals with organisational and administration issues, legal matters, specifics of communication with parents. Master classes on arranging online lessons, utilising digital methodological tools and resources to hold online lessons have been prepared for teachers.

The conference will be broadcasted on the web, so all Russian-speaking schools abroad will have a chance to join in. As of now, such schools exceed 10,000 in number, include educational institutions from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and other CIS states, the Baltic states, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

“We have experience of web learning: last year Rossotrudnichestvo launched some 50 new projects which are available online. All of them can be used for free – just go to the portal, sign up and get the assignments. In 2019, we educated more than 100,000 students and teachers from Russian schools in the digital environment,” stressed Eleonora Mitrofanova, Head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

Bear in mind that in 2019, Rossotrudnichestvo set off digitalization projects as part of the Human Resources for the Digital Economy federal project within the scope of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation nationwide programme. The initiative resulted in educational portals and resources, advanced training courses, conferences and seminars, international academic competitions and programmes for school students, which are all offered for free. A total of more than 250 events with the involvement  of teachers, school and IHL students, and potential job seekers.

Backed by Rossotrudnichestvo, in the digitalisation domain ITMO University developed the CifRU web portal that offers 15 online courses to teach digital literacy to school students and educators. ANO CYBER RUSSIA has prepared the CYBER BOOK digital textbook to teach programming to children, while playing. The National Children’s Foundation created a cycle of short edutainment cartoons for junior school students – the ABC of Digital Literacy with Kikoriki, which received more than 10 million views on YouTube. The Bauman MSTU launched its online Young Engineer Course to teach modelling and programming to school students and teachers.

To sign up at the Mobile School portal and join the online conference, follow the link