Data Lesson 4. Future Security to Last until 23 March

The Data Lesson project dedicated to the future security will be held on 10-23 March. Kaspersky Laboratory, the partner of the lesson, will enticingly and understandably relate about cybersecurity: all users of digital devices must have the idea of online security, realise the risks and learn to avoid them.

Backed by Rossotrudnichestvo, the Data Lesson is also held in Russian schools abroad: school students from more than 80 countries will form a community on the portal of the educational project. The children residing abroad will learn about web security and digital professions related to cybersecurity.

A simulator that imitates various situations for the children to get acquainted to the world of information security was tailor-made for the lesson. The simulator includes three scenario options that feature different characters — a biologist, an artist, and a mathematician. A school student may select his/her character, and then repeat the lesson with another character. Each of them needs to achieve a definite goal, which requires taking some actions. The tasks in each of the scenarios are aimed at learning the security topic in the situations into which the children can also find themselves in real life. After the game is completed, the school students will be offered to pass the final test. The tasks offered in the simulator vary for junior, middle, and senior school.

All materials of the lesson will also be available at урокцифры.рф after 23 March.

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The Data Lesson was initiated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and ANO Digital Economy. The project pursues development of digital competences and early career guidance of school students — the lessons help the children find their way in the world of computer technology and programming professions. Apart from Kaspersky Laboratory, in 2019/20 academic year the project partners include Yandex, 1S and МаП.гиОгоир, as well as the Investment into the Future charitable foundation run by Sberbank. Technology partners include the Codewards educational platform and Algoritmika international school of programming. Last year, the Data Lesson encompassed more than 50% of Russian school students. During the year, the children, parents and teachers accessed the lessons on the project website more than 14 million times.