Rossotrudnichestvo to Help Arrange Online Studies in a Quarantine

Educational institutions throughout the world go to quarantine and offer their students distance learning format. Rossotrudnichestvo has also launched distance learning resources. All of them pursue promotion of digital literacy in school students and teachers.

The online projects backed by the Agency are available for free and from the comfort of your home. Moreover, having completed some of the courses one can get a training certificate from an educational institution.

In 2019, Rossotrudnichestvo set off digitalization projects as part of the Human Resources for the Digital Economy federal project within the scope of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation nationwide programme. The initiative resulted in educational portals and resources, advanced training courses, conferences and seminars, international academic competitions and programmes for school students, which are all offered for free. A total of more than 250 events and projects with the involvement of teachers, school and IHL students, and potential job seekers.

1. Young Engineer Course from Inginirium at the Bauman MSTU

The course is intended for students of grades 7 to 11. The choice of topics gives each student an insight into real manufacturing: from idea to implementation. A young engineer creates a 3D prototype model, programs its functionality and fabricates a device made of special materials. Sign up at

2. CifRU Project

CifRU project is an online platform offering free training in digital literacy and culture for students of grades 8 to 11 at Russian-speaking secondary schools abroad. This year, CifRU has got a gift in store for its prospective students: an opportunity to get an extra 5 points when applying to ITMO University. What needs to be done? Sign up at CifRU platform and complete 5 of the offered modules by May. Register at

3. CYBER BOOK textbook

CYBER BOOK is an ANO CYBER RUSSIA’s digital textbook in programming for children aged above 11 y.o. While playing, a child masters C# programming language and builds up logical and algorithmic thinking. For free test training period of 90 days, extendable to one year go to

4. Knowledge Cloud

Knowledge Cloud is an educational portal for all those who is being educated and is educating. The platform is useful in preparations for exams and academic competitions in 12 school subjects, find interactive workbooks, problem books and simulators to get ready for the Unified State Exam. Apart from Russian school students, the web portal is now accessible to teachers and children residing abroad. Register at

5. Digiland Quiz 

Digiland Quiz mobile app for school students is an assistant in mastering the skills that are vital in the digital era. The app helps, while playing, check the knowledge in programming, information security, visualisation and infographics, and on data journalism. The app is available for download in App Store and Google Play. To download, go to

6. Digital Quest and Digital Spelling Test

The quest and the spelling test were prepared for teachers at the 2nd International Teaching Conference. Interactive polls will help the teachers evaluate their digital competences and obtain the individual strategy to upgrade them. To join the Digital Spelling Test, obtain a completion certificate and become a digital ethics agent having passed the Digital Quest, follow the link